Yourlanda M. Johnson - Administrative Associate IV

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Yourlanda Johnson

Yourlanda Johnson is the Administrative Associate for the LEND Program.  She began working at Boston Children’s Hospital in the Developmental Evaluation Center in 1986.   She is responsible for the administrative aspects of the LEND Program and works closely with the Director, Dr. David Helm and other Faculty members.  Some of her responsibilities include working as a liaison between new Fellows and the HR Department during the hiring process, maintaining the LEND Boston website, arranging travel, and purchasing computer equipment and office supplies.  In addition, she is responsible for reimbursing the Faculty and Fellows for travel and other expenses, managing and approving payroll for stipend-paid Fellows, and organizing catered meetings/events.   Yourlanda is also the Administrative Assistant to Dr. Judith Palfrey, Director of Global Health Pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital.