Leadership Seminar Series

The LEND program is focused on leadership training, which we believe permeates all activities throughout the year. To gain leadership skills one is required not only to read about and discuss leadership, but also to experience activities that build those skills. The entire program is built on achieving that end.

As part of this development, fellows meet each month to specifically talk about and reflect upon issues of leadership. Sessions will focus on such topics as individual leadership skills, qualities for MCH leadership roles, leading agencies, leadership in scholarship, and hear from individuals who have achieved leadership roles.

Prior series have included:

Leadership: What Is It?
David T. Helm, PhD, LEND Program Coordinator, Lecturer Harvard School of Public Health
Allen C. Crocker, MD, Director LEND Program, Associate Professor Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School.

Leadership: Self Evaluation
David Helm, PhD

Organizational Leadership
John Halliday, former Director, CT Bureau of Rehab. Services

Family Leadership
Charlotte "Dee" Spinkston, Exec. Dir. Urban PRIDE

Serving on Boards
Allen C. Crocker, MD

Foundations of Public Policy
Josh Greenberg, JD, Office of General Council, Children's Hospital, Boston

Leadership & Advocacy
Judith Palfrey, MD, Brazelton Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

Women in Leadership Roles
Valerie Bradley, President, Human Services Research Institute, past-President AAMR (now AAIDD)

Negotiations & Management
Allen Paret, MSW, Development Office, Children's Hospital Boston

Leadership Development
Leonard Rappaport, MD, Chief, Div. of Developmental Medicine, Children's Hospital Boston